Engine Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning & Injector Cleaning


TerraClean is a manufacturer of professional grade maintenance products and equipment designed to deliver the highest quality results when performing vehicle maintenance services. We use patented technologies and eco-friendly solutions to deliver a level of world class results to many industries including: Automotive, Medium & Heavy Duty Diesel Fleets, Municipalities, Marine, Railroad, Off-Road, & Motorcycle.

TerraClean products and equipment are the difference between doing basic maintenance and Performance Maintenance. We deliver premium results for gasoline and diesel fuel systems, emissions systems, engines, transmissions, drive line, power steering, cooling, brake, and climate control systems.

You won’t find TerraClean products in your local retail store but you will find them being used by technicians around the world in automotive dealerships, independent service garages, and in many shops that understand that not all additives are the same.



What makes us unique is our combination of our patent pending chemical combined with our patent pending application process.

GDi deposits are unlike traditional carbon deposits. Our chemicals are specifically designed for GDi intake deposits with components that comprise formulas that are superior to existing products. We use a chemical that softens and dissolves the deposits ensuring no chunks are dislodged which could cause damage to downstream components including the combustion chambers, turbochargers, and catalytic converters.

TerraClean Cleaning Procedure

Model, year and engine-specific instructions show you how to connect the TerraClean Decarbonizing Machine to the fuel system of most vehicles made since 1987.

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